Building on your property

Nothing is impossible! That’s our motto and that’s how we bring dream homes to life. If you’re looking to build on an already purchased estate or on land occupied by a previous home, we can make it happen!

From initial planning to completion, our type-a squad at Art Homes is invested in the details. In fact, we’re obsessed with them. Our meticulous, and sometimes painstaking, attention to detail leaves no stone unturned— or cupboard unopened. From versatile kitchens, to unique ceilings and detailed bathrooms, our mission is to raise your roof and raise your expectations.

What’s our process?

Once you decide on a design and floor plan you love, we’ll guide you through our simple planning process:

  • First, we’ll listen to your ideas.
  • Then, we’ll ask you lots of questions.
  • Then, we’ll ask even more questions (we don’t want to miss anything).
  • Once we understand your request, we’ll discuss budget and timing expectations.
  • Finally, we’ll get moving.

As the homebuyer, we want to put you in the driver’s seat of this process and empower you to become the “architect” of your new home. A home that is truly made for you and the way you live.