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From Griesbach to Summerside to Leduc. From initial planning to completion. From quick possessions to custom builds. We don’t construct average houses. We innovatively craft and meticulously design homes—homes that are defined by you and styled for the way you live.

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    The Charming. 2603 sq. ft.

    We had a kid and we watched a lot of Disney movies. This inspired us to design this home with different characters in mind. Just to list a few of our favourite inspirations:
    1. The floor plan is deceiving like the Evil Queen in Snow White. From the exterior it appears cozy – fitting in with the rest of the neighbourhood but once you enter the home you are surprised by the grand open to above 18 foot ceiling with an extravagant crystal chandelier reminiscent of the castle in Cinderella.
    2. The kitchen features princess inspired lighting like the grand ballroom of the Beauty and the Beast.
    3. There is a perfect sized balcony for Rapunzel joined to the bedroom at the front of the home.
    4. The master bedroom and en-suite was inspired by Ariel. The lighting is made of sea-shells, crystals and pearls which adds to the overall aesthetic of this home


    This home is so special to us because it is obviously named after our human baby. But it is the baby of our homes. It’s a new model with a fresh, youthful vibe. The home and furniture was designed and curated specifically with a special toddler in mind. We even fitted a bedroom with the cutest toddler bed in the shape of a house. The home features a modern generation of gold fixtures with bright white finishing contrasted against Niro’s favourite colour BLUE.

    To us, Niro is always a winner